Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I sell my products to hoopla?

You don’t sell your products to Hoopla. Hoopla helps you sell your products in China directly to consumers. Think of Hoopla as a 'bridge' into overseas e-commerce markets.

Do I need to relabel my product(s) for China?

No. hoopla sells uniquely American products overseas. No need to relabel.

How do I get paid?

On the JD/WeChat platform, electronic payment is transferred from JD to hoopla, to the supplier. hoopla issues payment to our suppliers twice a month.

Where do I have to send my products to get to them to China?

hoopla warehouses our products locally in the Portland, OR area. Your responsibility as a supplier on hoopla, is to deliver those products to our warehouse. After this, we take care of everything else.

How are customs and tariffs handled in China?

hoopla takes the “hoopla” out of exporting… We take care of the details from start to finish.

How will consumers in China discover my products?

Three words: Promotion, promotion, promotion. hoopla participates in a variety of marketing strategies in China. We have pop-up promotions, digital media advertising, web category optimization, and engagement of key “influencers” in China. Additionally, hoopla Global has a full suite of Digital and Print marketing services. Visit our Marketing Services offerings for more details.

How do I get started with hoopla?

Go to the “Get Started” page on our website and create and account with us. Following this, we will request information about your brand and products.